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Professional Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections in Frankston

All Members of Our Team are Fully Licensed and Insured

For professional pest control services you can rely on, turn to the experts at Twin Bays Pest. We will take care of all aspects of your pest management, from conducting inspections to implementing projects. Servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas, we will provide an efficient and effective solution every time.

Building and Pest Inspections

For most people, buying a property is one of the largest and most expensive purchases they will ever make. That is why it’s important to be as well-informed as possible before you sign on the dotted line. Carrying out due diligence is the best way to prevent serious and expensive problems later on, such as extensive infestations requiring pest control services. 

A building and pest inspection are therefore highly recommended and well worth the investment for the peace of mind it provides. Twin Bays Pest is fully qualified to conduct these inspections in a professional and effective manner.


A termite inspection can alert you to the presence of a termite infestation within a building. Termites pose a serious problem to structural integrity, causing damage and rotting of internal and external materials. 

It is estimated that one in five homes in Australia is treated for termite damage at some stage in its life, so it’s well worth checking a property for this type of pest before money changes hands. During a termite inspection, we will examine accessible timbers in your subfloor, interior, exterior and garden landscaping areas, including all fences within 50 metres of the building.

Other Inspections

Twin Bays Pest can also carry out inspections to determine the presence of other types of wood pests, including borers and fungi. The third type of inspection for general pests can root out the presence of other creatures that may impact your building’s safety and value, such as rodents and cockroaches.

Let the Experts in Pest Control Help

All building and pest inspections in Melbourne must be compliant with state standards and performed by qualified and registered professionals. The knowledgeable team at Twin Bays Pest is fully qualified and more than capable of conducting the three types of inspections and will assess your property thoroughly to the appropriate standards. 

We offer two kinds of reports depending on how much you want to spend, with a comprehensive report and a shorter budget version available. We will call you upon completion of the inspection to discuss any findings. Then, your report will be emailed to you within 24 hours, and in most cases, the same day.  If it turns out the property does have a termite or other pest infestation, Twin Bays Pest can help eradicate the problem with our pest control services.

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